Precious Metal Clay (pmc) Process

This is one of the pieces I'm currently working on. I call it 'Dragonfly Wings in Art Clay.' I used a scientific illustration that I created in a class at the Museum of Natural Sciences with Laszlo Meszoly at Harvard.

I transferred that illustration to 'Bake and Bend' clay in a class at Metalwerx with Metal Clay Artist, Holly Gauge. I then pressed the Art Clay into the Bake and Bend mold to create my art clay dragonfly. I placed the dragonfly on a medallion I designed to look like a fossil.

It turns out, the whole piece was too large to use for a single piece of jewelry. So while it was still in it's green stage (you potters out there know that green state is the stage the clay is dry but hasn't been fired yet), I broke it up into quarter pieces.

Bake and Bend Mold

Bake and Bend Mold

Green Stage


Drilling Holes

Drilling Holes for Bails

Working With Molds

Pressed Clay Into Branch Mold

Clean Up

Trimming Off Excess Clay from the Mold

Adding Embellishments

Embellishing with Gems